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USDVA, an established non – profit, is proud to announce that it is taking its international services to the forefront of America while keeping it local, providing our Veterans best of both worlds.

Health and Wellness is our main objective goal. This USDV-A program is and evidence – based approach. We are empathetic and dedicated towards improving a Veterans quality of life.  A Veteran’s healthcare is individually customized by: Assessing, Evaluating, and Empowering, each Veteran (Male of Female) with: physical, mental, emotional, social, and spirituality support.

Through Donations and Sponsorships, a Veteran will be able to receive holistic accommodations to their specific healthcare challenges, from local to those actively abroad.

Your donations are valued, and you may also Sponsor a Veteran as well. Sponsoring a Veteran opens more services for their healthcare actin plans, length in the program, and extended platforms such as job entrepreneurship, or job placements. Either Donor or Sponsor, both go towards a Veteran’s health journey: Meetings followed by their Clinician, along with and their Holistic Advisor. A veteran’s toolkit contains: Holistic medicines, behavioral health screenings, quicker services in rural areas, and much more. Please see ‘Our Solutions’ within
our latest pamphlet to lean about the services offered.
For those that are Deaf/Hard of Hearing, and Deaf/Blind, will be accommodated with proper language access communications.

Thank you for visiting our web presence It is an honor to have your support as we all set on this path together. We Recognize and Salute you!

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