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There has been a mass migration of retiring U.S. Veterans moving abroad, because of the rising cost of housing and medical care. Many retiring veterans have to make life adjustments once they become dependent on their retirement or some other type of adjusted income. Too often the sole solution is for U.S. Veterans to move abroad for access to cheaper medications and affordable housing.

The Foreign Medical Program (FMP) 

Is a Department of Veteran Affairs ‘ (VA) health care benefits program for Veterans with VA rated service-connected conditions that are residing or traveling abroad, under FMP VA assumes payment, responsibility for certain necessary health care services associated with the treatment of VA adjudicated service-connected condition and care for veterans participating in a rehabilitation program 38 U.S.C. 31

Non Service-Connected Veterans

The need arises for non service-connected veterans, many live abroad for the same reasons as service- connected veterans but are not covered under (FMP). That is why Veterans Beyond Borders, has been created, to help with service gaps in health coverage for all veterans living abroad, from much needed medical equipment to daily living health programs. In order to meet the needs of these vast group of veterans we will need to partner with other veterans service groups to increase the probability in receiving federal dollars, so that funds can be raised to help the 31,000 disabled veterans living in Central and South America.



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