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Keeping The Oath


This coming February will mark 14 years since I was asked to go to Washington D.C. and speak to members of the U.S. Congress and Senate on servíce men and women returning from the Iraq war. At that time we were about 3 years in, but even then you could tell this war would be different. As I tried to convey the importance of transitioning veterans  back into civilian life appropriately and with care. I could not help but think about our Vietnam veterans who never got a handshake or a welcome home.

That is why 14 years later I am a founding board member for USDVA, I  want to continue to live the words and keep the promises I spoke of so long ago. No matter what time you served,or where you call home these words will always ring true, “ Our service men and women lay upon the mantle of freedom, their blood, tears and lives, so that others may be free.” I ask all of you to help us fight the good fight, and help us support those who gave so much.