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A Veteran’s life Saved


Richard Molina, was a Captain in the United States Navy. Who served his country honorably during the Vietnam War.  Do to his service in combat, he was exposed to “agent orange.” This exposer left Captain Molina with many aliments in his later years. On January 13, 2020, Captain Molina was once again reminded of his times in battle as he had to under go surgery to repair a nasal blockage that risked his life. Captain Molina was told months prior that the operation would take more than a year because he had to be placed on a waiting list.  Complications started getting worse, and the Captain Molina was running out of time.  However, thanks to USDVA and Dr. Oriel McLea, a year on the waiting list became matter of months. Captain Molina was flow from Costa Rica to the VA Hospital in Orlando to undergo surgery to remove the blockage. While in surgery, doctors notices other complications, and he additionally received a cardiac pacemaker for his heart, which actually saved his live. 

We are glad to report that Captain Molina is doing well.  However, many other veterans that USDVA serves need additional medical support.

 Please consider donating to USDVA, so we can continue to help veterans like Captain Molina.